The 4 Major Benefits of UPS Rental

Power Control
20 Jan 2021

The national economy has not declined as much as it was originally feared and it looks as though the UK might narrowly avoid a double dip recession. Whilst many are optimistic, there is still a desperate need to be frugal and with that comes mounting concerns that too many negligent decisions are being made.

Power Control wants to remind businesses that power protection is not an area to skimp on. Emergency power provisions are in place to safeguard facilities from any power supply anomalies or losses, which could result in devastating financial consequences. It is absolutely essential that any UPS (uninterruptible power supply) solution remains 100% fit for purpose. This may mean that it needs replacing, upgrading or routine maintenance carried out, all of which cannot be avoided or postponed.

In situations where a new UPS system is required Power Control is urging companies to consider UPS rental options for four main reasons:

1. Reduce CapEx

If the immediate budget doesn’t allow for purchasing a critical power solution, renting a UPS allows the company to lower the outflow of cash whilst still maintaining power reliability and business continuity.

2. Minimise equipment liability

When owning a UPS system, expenditure doesn’t end immediately after the unit is installed. Ongoing costs such as servicing, maintenance and system updates must also be considered. However, renting a UPS ensures that a pre-commissioned and well-maintained UPS is readily available to be connected. An ongoing maintenance schedule is also included with 24/7 technical support.

3. Deliver immediate cost savings

Businesses that function on limited budgets and cannot afford to purchase a UPS run the risk of losing important data and incurring costly downtime. For these businesses, renting a UPS makes more financial sense. They get the required equipment without incurring the huge costs of owning a UPS supply and can keep the cash in the business to be invested elsewhere.

4. Will allow for future scalability

As a business grows so does the size of the infrastructure and the load requirement. With a rental UPS solution, the smaller units can simply be swapped out for larger ones when required. This flexibility is appealing for small and medium businesses that expect imminent growth but requires backup power throughout.

In today’s economic climate there are a lot of uncertainties, which are forcing organisations to reconsider their long term strategies. These often impact infrastructural developments where short term solutions are being sought by those that are remaining cautious. UPS rental offers a flexible approach, allowing businesses to cater for their present day power requirements without having to invest in a hypothetical solution for the future. This gives the option to easily scale up or down with no obligation to commit to an end solution.

Rental UPS solutions are also widely used in emergency situations to provide temporary backup power and are frequently called upon to support construction works and renovation projects.

Supporting all business types and sizes, from distribution centres, retail outlets and sporting venues to temporary hospitals and hospital extensions, Power Control’s rental UPS services include pre-commissioning before deployment, saving time and giving peace of mind that the UPS system has been configured correctly. As part of longer term lease agreements, Power Control not only includes emergency service cover and routine UPS service visits but also ensures that all environmental considerations are taken into account throughout the term.

The company offers short, medium and long-term hire options of its UPS systems starting from 10kVA. These can be installed internally or provided as part of a containerised solution for temporary positioning outdoors. With over £2.5million in stock, its own test facility and specialist engineers located across the country, Power Control is able to despatch hire UPS solutions within 48hours.

Renting a UPS offers a very cost effective, flexible solution to ensuring a business remains operational in the event of a power failure. For more information about rental backup power solutions from Power Control please visit, email or call the office direct to speak to one of our UPS hire team on 01246 431431