Borri RTB Compact

UMB DC Modular UPS Borri 1

Whilst still offering all the funtions of the standard size RTB, the RTB Compact from Borri is available up to 200A and designed to cover the lower range of industrial chargers. Still built with the Borri Microprocessor controller, the compact RTB provides reliable operations with ease of settings and communication.


The rugged thyrisor controlled rectifier bridge is suitable for charging nickle-cadmium and lead acid batteries while simultaneously supplying DC loads


Additional Features

    • Internal rectifier input circuit breaker and output switch
    • Output LC ripple filter
    • Rectifier protection fuse
    • Advanced multi-functional LCD panel with active mimic diagram
    • Audible alarm
    • Floor mounted cabinet with IP 20 protection and IP 20 open door
    • Power and control cable markings
    • Bottom cable entry
    • Standard labeling / nameplace
    • 10 programmable alarm and status LEDs


Borri RTB Compact Brochure

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The RTB systems from Borri are a range of industrial Thyristor controlled 3 phase battery chargers, designed to supply critical DC loads and to recharge nickel-cadmium and sealed lead acid batteries.