A Brand of Legrand

Power Control Ltd is proud to be a Brand of Legrand.

Acquired in 2022, Power Control’s three decades of experience, relationships and industry dominance will increase Legrand’s market share within the UK critical power markets. Starting its relationship with Legrand back in 2019, Power Control continues to help the business realise its growth ambitions with the successful release of the Keor MOD, TRIMOD HE and TRIMOD MCS modular UPS solutions.

As part of the Legrand group of companies, Power Control works closely with Legrand Data Centre Solutions, Legrand UK & Ireland and other Legrand associated brands. Offering industry leading UPS service and maintenance solutions and a broad UPS product portfolio, Power Control has unparalleled expertise across multiple sectors including healthcare, data centre, education, facilities management and IT.  



Legrand has a strong manufacturing pedigree dating back to 1865. Combining its engineering and technical excellence with aggressive growth strategies has earned it its £multibillion placement.  

As one of the largest, global manufacturers of UPS systems, Legrand also boasts top billing as the the biggest, international manufacturer of switches, sockets and cable management solutions.  

Known for its strong CSR values and diligence towards achieving a sustainable future, Legrand prides itself on implementing strategies that consider the supply chain. Working towards creating a circular economy to reduce waste and the overall environmental impact of all economic and production processes. 


Our Values

As a brand of Legrand, and inspired by their commitment to empowering sustainable futures through advanced UPS technology and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), Power Control has not only adopted these core values but is also focused on improving social welfare and promoting ethical business practices.  

Working with leading manufacturers such as Legrand enables Power Control to deliver sustainable power protection solutions. Aligning itself with a sustainable supply chain further demonstrates the company’s long-term ambition for responsible growth.  

Championing diversity, inclusion and well-being, Power Control is dedicated to advancing positive change within its workforce.