“Sustainability is at the heart of our philosophy and from the very beginning creating an energy efficient data centre has always been a high priority. We wanted to ensure that we achieved a low PUE whilst still achieving 100% availability. With this in mind, we set about looking for a UPS provider that could meet our needs whilst mirroring our values. After a rigorous selection process, Power Control came out on top with their Huawei UPS 5000-S solution. This modular solution is very efficient even at low loads and provides us with the ability to scale up when needed. Its small footprint also means that we could maximise the space in our data centre. We have an excellent relationship with Power Control. They take pride in their work which really shows as it is always of a very high standard. Their entire team, from technical sales through to the engineers are professional, knowledgeable, and helpful and it is a pleasure working with them.”

Ed Butler - CEO, Amito

About the product

The company adopts a fully inclusive approach to the delivery, install and commissioning from preliminary consultation and project management through to aftersales and service. The company has its own nationwide team of engineers available for immediate assistance. Its product portfolio is comprehensive and includes systems from 800VA through to 6.4MVA.