KAO Data

"Space within a colocation data centre is a rich commodity and as a high-performance operator, facilities are always looking for ways we can maximise our colocation capacity. Thanks to Power Control’s support, we’ve been able to view and test the Huawei UPS5000-H which is able to provide the power and resilience we need as a data centre operator but across a considerably reduced footprint. This is a game-changing innovation in power delivery.”

Richard Collar, Technical Director at Kao Data

About the product

Huawei SmartLi

Battery Solution

Lithium-ion UPS

The lithium-ion (LFP) battery cells offer high power density with a 70% reduced footprint

The Huawei SmartLi is a lithium-ion (LFP) battery solution for UPS systems combining cutting edge technology with leading edge digitalisation and offers a high density of 100kW/3U. It also has high efficiency of up to 97% and a compact footprint, which is 50% smaller than that of standard VLRA batteries.

Power Control has been a value-added UPS partner for Huawei since 2016 and works in close collaboration with Huawei’s network energy team to deliver UPS systems, microdata centre solutions and cooling equipment to a wide spectrum of clients across the UK. For added support, we also have full access to Huawei’s head office in Reading and R&D facilities in the UK and its European research centre in Nuremberg.