Backup power equipment such as UPS systems are critical to ensure CCTV systems are recording 24/7.

Businesses rely on CCTV to protect themselves from crime and for crucial recorded evidence

CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) equipment forms a crucial part of any business’s security system and requires a constant supply of power to function effectively. This is why it is of utmost importance to have an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) in place to provide a consistent supply of power to the CCTV system in the event of a mains power failure or a power spike.

The importance of having UPS for CCTV systems

Without a UPS system installed, a mains failure or power outage would result in a loss of power to the CCTV system causing the cameras to stop working. A UPS system adds resilience to the CCTV equipment by providing consistently clean power, blocking surges and keeping the electricity at a stable level during a mains power failure or a power spike. Therefore ensuring the cameras remain online 24/7.

How does a UPS system connect into CCTV equipment?

The UPS system is connected between the raw mains power and the security DVR unit of the CCTV system (the unit where all video capture is recorded, stored and managed and what the CCTV cameras are connected to.) During normal operation, the mains power supplies electricity to the DVR and CCTV cameras as well as charging the batteries of the UPS. In the event of a mains failure or power spike, the UPS will automatically be the only source of power for all of the CCTV equipment.



Borri B9000FXS

60kVA - 300kVA


Transformer based UPS customisable for specific process applications and parallelable up to 1.8MVA

Transformer-based three phase UPS from 60kVA to 300kVA with paralleled solutions up to 1.8MVA. Offering high reliability housed in a rugged unit, the Borri B9000FXS is customisable for specific process applications.

Legrand Trimod HE

10kVA - 80kVA


Optimised three phase modularity consisting of hot swap single phase modules

With a unity power factor the Legrand Trimod HE UPS series guarantees a maximum real power. Each system provides three phase modularity consisting of individual, hot swappable, single phase modules allowing for optimised power availability and no need to power the UPS off.

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