Lifts provide a valuable, alternative means of escape when the stairs are not an option.

UPS systems for lifts compliant with EN50171

Standard passenger lifts may be used for evacuation purposes in the event of a fire so long as appropriate management and safety systems are put in place.

The responsible person is required to put an emergency evacuation plan in place which takes into account the evacuation of injured and disabled persons who may be present. It is to the discretion of this responsible person as to whether passenger lifts should be utilised in the event of an emergency situation such as a fire.

A recent change in UK legislation means that all passenger lifts with the intended use for evacuation must meet the guidelines set out in BS 9999, Annex G (Fire regulations) standard. As a means of escape, it is especially important for the passenger lifts to continue running when the power goes out as it is not uncommon to experience a power failure during a fire. As a secondary, independent source of power is not always possible to obtain in buildings, so an onsite Uninterruptible power supply system should be used instead.

Our commitment and experience extend far beyond just providing UPS systems for data centres and IT infrastructure, we provide specifically designed UPS systems for emergency and life safety equipment that are compliant with relevant health and safety regulations.

Renowned UPS manufacturer Borri Spa has designed emergency central system (ECS) UPS systems that meet the relevant safety standards. The Borri E8031-E8033 ECS has been designed in compliance with the international EN 50171 standard, providing an uninterruptible power supply to life safety equipment. The three phase UPS system has a capacity of 10-50 kVA with the option of 3/1-3/3. For larger load requirements, the Borri Ingenio ECS is a three phase UPS system with a 60-160kVA capacity.

As a leading UPS supplier and the exclusive UK representative Borri, Power control provides turnkey solutions for life safety equipment such as supporting the critical power to passenger lifts in an emergency.



CertaUPS C60

800VA - 2000VA

Standalone Tower

Line interactive uninterruptible power supply with simulated sinewave output

The C60 series is available in four power ratings 800VA, 1000VA, 1500VA and 2000VA.

Borri B9000FXS

60kVA - 300kVA


Transformer based UPS customisable for specific process applications and parallelable up to 1.8MVA

Transformer-based three phase UPS from 60kVA to 300kVA with paralleled solutions up to 1.8MVA. Offering high reliability housed in a rugged unit, the Borri B9000FXS is customisable for specific process applications.

Borri Ingenio ECS

30kVA - 160kVA

Monolithic - CPSS

Designed in compliance with EN 50171 standards, ideal for emergency and life safety systems

Borri Ingenio ECS (Emergency Central System) is a central power system (CPS) that has been designed in compliance with the international EN 50171 regulation. The CPS features online double conversion and a slimline design thanks to the transformer free technology.

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