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UPS Systems for Prisons: Ensuring Security & Continuity

Aside from the very basic need of preventing those incarcerated from escaping, the facilities have a legal and ethical obligation to ensure the safety and security of individuals under their care.

The UK’s prisons and correctional facilities have been architecturally designed with a focus on direct supervision and security. Maintaining these two characteristics within them is imperative, not just to protect the public but also the credibility of the criminal justice system.  

Aside from the very basic need of preventing those incarcerated from escaping, the facilities have a legal and ethical obligation to ensure the safety and security of individuals under their care. This responsibility also extends to members of staff, contractors and visitors to the sites, who may be at risk from the threats of violence, assault or other forms of harm.

As a result, the prison system relies heavily on a variety of security measures and technologies that assist those in authority with maintaining order and control. These are fundamental to the successful operation of any unit and extend to all areas of the facility, incorporating elements such as electronic locking systems, alarms, surveillance cameras, perimeter fencing and control room communications.

To operate effectively these technologies require access to clean and continuous electrical supplies. Any power outage or anomaly can cause serious equipment malfunction, rendering one or all security systems null and void. For this reason, backup power initiatives are used extensively within the prison system to keep critical equipment functioning in the event of a blackout or until normal power is restored.  

Leading UPS specialist Power Control, has worked alongside a number of secure facilities to integrate this vital backup provision within the equipment infrastructure. The use of UPS systems in prisons ensures that should the mains electrical supply fail, an immediate and temporary resource is available to sustain essential security technologies.    

Key Applications of UPS Systems in Prisons

  1. Electronic Locking Systems

    Electronic locking systems control access to different spaces, including cell blocks, visitor areas, security perimeters and restricted zones. It is vital these systems remain operational to prevent potential breaches and unauthorised access as these could compromise the safety of those within the facility and the wider public as a whole. 

    UPS systems provide the essential temporary backup power to these locks, keeping them secure and preventing unauthorised access and security breach attempts.


  2. Alarm Systems

    Intruder detection alarms, fire warning sirens and emergency notification systems are all integral to alerting staff to security threats and potential crisis situations.

    The use of a UPS system within the prison facility will ensure these alarm systems continue to receive the critical power they need to remain functional at all times, protecting life and alerting staff to disturbances as they occur.


  3. Communication Systems 

    The ability to communicate at all times is of paramount importance within a secure facility as it supports the co-ordinated movements of staff and assists with inmate management. In addition, it affords personnel the peace of mind that they can reach help easily should they be faced with an emergency situation.

    When the mains supply voltage is unsuitable or lost, the UPS will automatically switch to battery power ensuring critical communication channels remain open to keep staff connected.


  4. Emergency Lighting

    Sustaining adequate lighting is crucial to ensuring the safety and security within any correctional environment. The prison UPS unit(s) provides backup power to the emergency lighting system, illuminating key circulation areas such as corridors, stairwells and exits. This allows inmates to move safely around the building whilst ensuring staff are still able to maintain a high level of visibility.


  5. Data Protection

    The utilisation of electronic systems for storing and managing critical data poses a threat to any organisation, however when these are related to security protocols, operational procedures and inmate records, the issues of data loss and/or potential data corruption pose a threat not just to the organisation but to the wider public as a whole.

    Ensuring power continuity to servers and data storage devices protects against unexpected equipment shutdowns and the threat of data loss and corruption.


  6. Surveillance Systems 

    A vital component of any security system, surveillance cameras monitor the movements and activities of staff, inmates and visitors both internally and externally. They can be used to detect potential security breaches and also to provide evidence in support of an incident. 

    The backup power provided through the use of a UPS system for prisons and correctional facilities, will ensure these cameras remain switched on at all times to afford a superior level of visibility and observation.


  7. Perimeter Security

     Perimeter security measures that rely on a continual source of power, such as electric fences, motion sensors and external lighting help to prevent unauthorised access both into and out of the facility.

    The UPS will ensure a no-break electrical supply is present, protecting against any potential system vulnerabilities.  

Choosing the Right UPS System for Prisons

A number of the above technologies are administered through a single control room, which serves as the nerve centre for the majority of prison security operations. It allows staff to monitor surveillance feeds, manage access control systems and coordinate all emergency responses from one space. It is vital therefore, that all control room equipment is available on a 24/7 basis to provide operational continuity.

With a unity power factor, the Legrand Trimod HE UPS series is an ideal choice for your prison UPS or correctional facility needs, as it `guarantees a maximum real power capable of supporting these vital technologies. Each system provides three-phase modularity consisting of individual hot swappable, single phase modules that allow for optimised power availability.  

Available from 10kVA to 80kVA, the Legrand Trimod has a small footprint but high power density and can help users to achieve N+X redundancy. Batteries are sealed VRLA and may be arranged inside the UPS, or in drawers within an external battery cabinet to achieve longer runtimes.


Additional features:

  • Multi control board function
  • Dual input function
  • Plug & Play technology
  • Menu available in 7 languages
  • Frequency converter in 40-70Hz out 50/60Hz (can be selected by the user)
  • Operates with a power-supply unit
  • Three independent output phases
  • Eco Mode
  • EPS Mode
  • Adjustable output voltage with 1V intervals (190÷245V)
  • Bypass activation speed control
  • Events log with date and time
  • Overall historical data and for each individual power module
  • Automatic recognition of the power modules


Prison UPS systems serve as a vital component within the infrastructure of our correctional facilities; maintaining security, ensuring the safety of all personnel, preserving operational continuity and preventing data loss or misuse in the event of any power disturbances or loss in supply.

They are the unsung heroes of any security system, always there, always available, silently supporting the technologies that keep our facilities secure. Whilst not at the sharp edge they help to mitigate the risks, preserving the lives and safety of all. 

Power Control Ltd has 30 years’ experience in the provision of UPS solutions for prisons and correctional facilities. With an extensive product portfolio to hand, the company has the ability to deliver the most appropriate strategy that is capable of meeting both current and future AI application demands.


CertaUPS C450R

1000VA - 3000VA

Rackmountable or Tower

Online double conversion uninterruptible power supply with unity power factor

Legrand Trimod HE

10kVA - 80kVA


Optimised three phase modularity consisting of hot swap single phase modules

CertaUPS C650R

6kVA - 10kVA

Rackmountable or Tower

Online double conversion uninterruptible power supply with unity power factor


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