CertaUPS the preferred single phase UPS

Power Control
08 Jun 2018

The CertaUPS range was introduced to the UK in 2016 as an advancement of the previous B60, B300R, B400, B400R, B500 and B500EVO systems.

These include IT, domestic and commercial security, operating theatres among many others.

The main benefits of the CertaUPS range over its competitors have been highlighted below by Graeme, one of our senior sales executives.

High output power factor

High output power factor means you get more kW for you kVA, i.e. more real power. More Beer less froth in your pint glass.
The C400 and C400R now have unity output. For example the C400R, 3kVA will provide 900W more power than one of our competitors with 0.7pf and 600W than 0.8pf.

The C500, C00R and C500EVO will produce over 20% more power than the competition. Which means you can install more equipment reducing the risk of overload.

However, the range has also been designed with a higher inverter overload capacity than most competitors hence even if the UPS was at risk of overload, the risk of dropping the critical IT load is reduced.

Larger internal and additional battery chargers

The Certa range has also been developed to incorporate larger internal and additional battery charges. This provides 2 main advantages to the end user,

1) Larger battery autonomy is available with the CertaUPS range.

2) The batteries on the CertaUPS range of UPS will not be undercharged increasing the lifespan.

It’s not just the hardware that provides extra features, but also the software on the CertaUPS. The software is now superior to others in the market.