COVID-19 has made us more resilient

Power Control
11 Mar 2021

It was meant to last 12 weeks, it has ended up lasting 12 months – and counting. Nothing has challenged businesses as much as Covid-19. However, despite the personal losses and business challenges that it has presented, Power Control Ltd is pleased to say it had a record year; winning some of its largest ever projects.

Looking back at the time that has irreversibly changed so many lives and reshaped so many industries it is comforting and inspiring to see how businesses and communities have worked together to conquer Covid’s challenges.

Never would it have been deemed possible to build a hospital in under 10 days but astonishingly, that is exactly what was achieved. 9 days, 160 contractors and 200 army engineers resulted in a fully operational hospital with a 4,000 patient capacity. Named after one of the most iconic nursing leaders of all time, the first Nightingale hospital at the London Excel showcased, as Prince Charles commented: “an unbelievable feat of work.” This ethic was emulated across the entire nation and like many others, Power Control made rapid adjustments to its workplace and its procedures. The company seamlessly moved into a ‘virtual’ working world and quickly embraced video site visits, proposal presentations and meetings, which have all become part of the company’s normal daily operations.

Working directly with those on the frontline; NHS, distribution hubs and data centres it has been vital for Power Control to be fully operational, 24/7 throughout the pandemic. The entire business has adopted stringent health and safety protocols to enable it to continue to carry out essential onsite works as well as routine maintenance procedures.

Sustaining a continued supply of power has remained essential for many organisations and with the enormous uptake of more digital solutions, backup power resilience has never been more important. This has resulted in a significant demand for Power Control’s UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) solutions and services.

To meet this demand, Power Control has expanded its workforce with the addition of new project managers, engineers and technical sales development. The company has also made a number of internal promotions and remains committed to investing in the development of all its employees.

As the world emerges from the worst pandemic this century, the outlook for Power Control is incredibly positive. Already this year, the company has secured a number of high profile projects, which it is in the process of rolling out. In addition, Power Control remains the leading UK UPS service partner and will continue to offer free life cycle reports to all businesses across the country.