Giving people power, the need for power protection

Power Control
03 Jan 2016

The need for quality power protection has never been greater. Demand for power from our fast-growing population in an increasingly dependent digital economy has put a massive strain on the UK power grid, which is causing more frequent fluctuations in power supply during peak hours.

Businesses are more aware than ever before of the great financial impact that any breaks in power could have and are now looking towards even more sophisticated Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) solutions to deliver the high compliancy and flexibility that they require from a power protection system.

Battery faults account for over 80% of UPS failures, which is why battery checks are considered to be one of the most important aspects of any maintenance plan. Checking a battery health includes analysing a range of aspects, from observing the physical condition of a battery to performing voltage readings and impedance tests. Power Control carries out battery inspections as part of its routine works within maintenance contracts as well as providing separate battery health checks.

In terms of solid-state UPS, also referred to in the market as “centralised” or “standalone”, Power Control understands that users require the highest level of reliability and resilience. Working with Borri, one of the most influential and true remaining European UPS manufacturers, Power Control offers the best in class UPS from 10kVA – 800kVA, which can be paralleled for further growth or redundancy to 6.4MVA. Designed and manufactured to the highest standards Borri UPS are renowned worldwide for their superior resilience and ultra-high efficiency.

Their ability to deliver long-term efficiency gains and proven protective qualities, make Borri one of the number one choices for a wide range of onsite facility server rooms to Data Centre owners looking for a low TCO and maximum protection.

The rise of modular UPS systems has added another dimension to UPS selection and enabled users to maximise efficiency by deploying a right-sized UPS for initial requirements, which can then be scaled up or down to meet future demands. Responding to the move to modular, Power Control has recently partnered with a global leader in ICT solutions, Huawei.

Huawei’s advancement into network energy and power protection has created infrastructural networks that are not only easy to control and preserve, but are also able to grow, and gain maximum value for your business.

A crowning jewel in the Huawei UPS range is the highly anticipated modular UPS5000-E 25kW – 800kW series, which resides at the peak of UPS performance and offers power protection that is reliable, flexible and highly efficient.

Already recognising a notable shift towards more intelligent power protection investment policies is UPS specialist Power Control Ltd. The company’s managing director Mark Trolley recently commented:

“The user is taking a more educated approach when it comes to power protection, which is why Power Control has invested heavily in its own research and technical developments. Power Control is able to provide its clients with a solution based approach, offering a carefully selected portfolio of UPS products and services that will meet each users individual requirements.

“Looking at the complete power protection landscape is key. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide guidance through entire project solutions. Our vast experience has earned us the enviable reputation of being a total solutions provider, capable of achieving maximum protection and efficiency from all emergency power equipment.”

Mr Trolley continued: “Where many UPS companies have chosen to hone in on one particular technology, Power Control’s experience extends to both, which allows us to advise clients in selecting the most suitable UPS solution for their long-term business needs and individual requirements. Power Control recognises the importance of quality power protection and provides the market with the most innovative and inspired UPS systems to date – be it a solid state or modular solution.”