Immense growth calls for expansion of technical services department

Power Control
09 May 2015

Due to an increase in prestigious turnkey projects after a successful rebrand in January 2015, leading Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) specialist, Power Control Ltd (PCL) is expanding its technical services division and projects management.

Following a record start to the first quarter of 2015, PCL is enhancing its resources in its technical services department; Christian de Knock has been welcomed to the team to inject added experience and expertise.

Christian de Knock is now providing sales support for PCL’s expanding technical services department.                 Mr de Knock has complementary skills in technical services and carries four years experience after graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering and Cybernetics. Mr de Knock’s expertise in implementing inspection and audit procedures will ensure that PCL’s consistently high standards are continually met.  His role within the company will to support the technical service sales department, which will open new doors for PCL in the form of bespoke projects.

Commenting on his recent appointment, Mr de Knock said: “PCL is an innovative, fast growing power protection specialist company with great aspirations for continual growth and expansion. I am very eager to demonstrate my skills and experience and help drive the technical services department”.

Adding to an already experienced and highly skilled project management team, PCL has also appointed a new project manager Richard Cameron. Mr Cameron brings with him over 15 years experience working in fast paced project management roles in the electrical and building sector and has been exposed to a wide variety of works , which have given him vital experience in a number of different areas.

Mr Cameron is responsible for ensuring every project is completed successfully with full project management, from initial review through to UPS commissioning, deployment and installation. Mr Cameron uses his technical abilities to liaise with customers, onsite engineers and help within the PCL team.

The technical services department is one of the four core departments PCL is expanding. Rebranding the company has created opportunities in not only the single phase and three phase products PCL can offer but service and maintenance contracts.

Formerly Borri Ltd, PCL rebranded in January 2015 to allow the company to showcase and develop its portfolio including its wider pool of equipment, technical services and project solutions. This scope also further emphasises PCL’s commitment to delivering tailored power protection solutions for the UK and overseas markets.

PCL continues to be committed to Borri three phase UPS products and technologies and remains an official UK distributor for the Italian manufacturer. PCL continues to receive direct manufacturing and technical support from Borri Spa whilst maintaining its high level of engineering involvement, which is supported by its all encompassing service and maintenance programmes and high UPS and product spares stock levels.

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