Power Control and DIS power up multinational food manufacturer

Power Control
18 Sep 2020

Power Control Ltd is pleased to announce the completion of its latest UPS (uninterruptible power supply) installation in conjunction with DIS

As a family run business, DIS has established themselves as one of the UK’s most knowledgeable network solutions providers with a large number of long-standing client relationships. The partnership between DIS and Power Control spans over 10 years where they have enlisted the help of Power Control for a plethora of UPS installations and maintenance works. 

In a recent project, DIS drafted the help of Power Control to replace two end of life UPS systems for one of their American multinational food manufacturing customers. After a detailed review of their existing power infrastructure, Power Control submitted a detailed report highlighting several areas for improvement. 

Following subsequent audits, Power Control recommended two Legrand Trimod HE 20kVA UPS in an N+1 configuration with two strings of 40 17Ah batteries. The backup power systems support the manufacturing process at their animal care and pet food site in West Yorkshire. 

To achieve large manufacturing quantities the site relies heavily on automation. Any interruptions to the power supply, which can be caused by a multitude of factors including power surges, blackouts, spikes, and other natural disasters such as floods, can cost thousands and result in significant amounts of waste. 

Over the years, food manufacturing processes have modernised, becoming increasingly reliant on automated processes and consequently more reliant on a reliable supply of power. Significant investments have been made by the food manufacturer to ensure that their systems are safeguarded and thanks to Power Control and DIS, they are protected with a resilient and efficient backup power solution.

After the food manufacturer relayed their satisfaction with the excellent UPS solution received, DIS entrusted Power Control to continue working on the site, awarding them with the preventative maintenance contract. 

DIS’ Project Director, Matthew Foster, commented: 

“We’ve worked closely with Power Control on many projects for our customers, so we are familiar with the quality of the UPS solutions supplied and the proficient service that they deliver. When the customer approached us with the request for an infrastructure review, we had no hesitations in instructing Power Control to conduct a thorough site survey. 

“The entire team at Power Control is consistently excellent from our sales account manager through to projects and their engineers. They represent DIS onsite professionally on all occasions from technical site audits through to installation and aftercare and we always receive good feedback from our clients.”