Power Control releases new Borri Ingenio Max XT UPS solution

Power Control
07 Aug 2020

Power Control has announced the release of the new Borri Ingenio Max XT. Designed with the demanding needs of a data centre environment in mind, the Ingenio Max XT provides scalable uninterruptible power solutions from 900KW up to 2.1 MW.

Manufactured to the highest engineering standards with quality European parts, the high efficiency UPS system offers a different take on traditional modular scalability. The Max XT is based on a central uninterruptible power supply that can be configured with additional 250KW or 300kW power modules up to 2.1MW without needing to put the system in bypass.

As with traditional modular frameworks, the system still benefits from a small footprint and hot swappable modules which reduces the mean time to repair and therefore ensures no down time.

This flexible layout helps to achieve constraint free positioning and reduces the amount of excess cabling. The UPS also benefits from the ability to run off different energy storage solutions, including VRLA and lithium-ion technology, making it a fully future proof solution.

The Borri Ingenio Max XT offers easy service operations thanks to its internal design whilst retaining the usual high manufacturing standards of Borri UPS systems. These include patented 3 level Green Conversion Technology which means high UPS efficiency, even at light loads, extended battery life, increased reliability, peak shaving, and 125% continuous-duty static switch to provide robust overload capabilities.