Powering up skills development

Power Control
16 Sep 2020

Leading Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) specialist Power Control Ltd has been nurturing young talent since it first entered the market in the 1990s. Family run, the business has always placed a great emphasis on developing its inhouse team. It continues to be committed to upskilling its workforce and has just released a formal inhouse development programme.

Focussing specifically on its engineering and servicing divisions, Power Control has appointed two mentors; technical support manager, Chris Davidson, who has been with the company for nine years, with both field and internal engineering experience, and senior engineer, Joel Broadhead, who has over 13years of service.

As a mentor for the company’s UPS engineers, Chris will be dedicating his time, alongside his day to day responsibilities, to upskilling the team. This includes practical onsite training on three phase UPS systems and auxiliaries including bypass switches, as well as guidance on fault diagnosis and client facing communication.

Chris will also deliver regular training workshops to ensure all engineers are up to speed with the latest technologies and regulations.

Complementing the work being carried out by Chris, Joel be mentoring Power Control’s install engineers in the delivery, install and commissioning of UPS solutions. There will be a particular focus on best practice to bolster the company’s already enviable reputation for consistent professionalism.

Having been brought up the ranks himself, Joel is the perfect candidate to provide advanced technical support and set new standards for delivery. Joel also acts as the bridge between the company’s sales, project and install teams, which ensures seamless project delivery and clear client communication.

Power Control’s training programmes will be overseen by the company’s service manager, James Sowden, who commented: “Power Control prides itself on its engineering workforce. It has one of the largest inhouse teams of UPS specialists, which are available nationwide and it is therefore absolutely essential for us, as a business, to maintain our high standards.

“Our new mentoring programme not only supports engineers career development and broaden their knowledge and skillset but also works towards strengthening our internal team. All engineer progression will be documented with key achievement milestones for individual attainment.

“Both Chris and Joel will make excellent mentors. They have both worked their way up through the business and have been incredibly focussed in developing their own skillsets. We are really excited about the formal roll out of this programme and look forward to getting things started.”

With nearly 30 years in the power protection industry, Power Control has formed close alliances with global UPS manufacturers including Borri Spa, Huawei, Legrand and CertaUPS. To help support these and other leading manufacturing brands, Power Control has a nationwide engineering team and remains committed to investing in it. For further information please visit www.powercontrol.co.uk, email info@powerrcontrol.co.uk or call 01246431431