Recognising the need for flexibility: UPS hire

Power Control
09 Oct 2020

The need for flexible purchasing of capital equipment has never been greater and not just in a monetary sense but also in terms of the physical asset. Businesses have been faced with months of uncertainty and whilst many are keen to start investing again, they must remain prudent.  

Recognising the need for increased flexibility, Power Control Ltd has bolstered its power protection hire services and is now able to offer next day UPS installation on solutions from 10kVA upwards. Its single and three phase backup power options are available to hire from two days to two years. These include standalone and modular UPS systems, which are all offered with emergency response servicing. This availability allows companies to address immediate business need without committing to significant investment in capital equipment, which may not be required long term.  

Demand for UPS hire options has intensified over the years. More recently enquiries have come from those being judicious and wanting to be cautious with spend. However, the most common uptake comes from those carrying out onsite works such as site upgrades and for those requiring short term backup power to support temporary facilities and address emergency situations. 

One of Power Control’s latest UPS hire projects saw it pre–commission and deliver two Borri B9600FXS 400kVA UPS systems to Ireland within 48hrs of receiving the order. The works included set up, calibration and 36hours worth of testing prior to shipment. Power Control also assisted with the installation and design which required the UPS units to be in parallel to create a fully resilient 800kVA system.  

This is a standard UPS hire deployment, where units are required onsite and operational within a very short time frame. With a stock holding of over £2million, onsite testing facilities and its own team of nationwide engineers, Power Control can carry out critical tests and commissioning services almost immediately. Pre-commissioning of UPS systems before dispatch can save significant amounts of time and up to a day of time onsite. It also allows Power Control to carry out component checks to ensure that the system operates properly and to the correct configuration.  

Power Control has supported numerous sporting events, retail outlets and distribution centres with its UPS hire services. Interim backup power hire services have also been widely used for emergency situations where pre-existing backup power has failed or requires extensive maintenance works. The company offers short, medium and long–term hire options of its UPS systems, which can be installed internally or provided as part of a containerised solution for temporary positioning outdoors. All of its UPS hire services also come with the option to purchase the solution at the end of the hire term.  

Continuous power supply is essential for most business environments. UPS systems support critical IT equipment and offer additional power stability for sensitive loads, which are often found in hospitals and manufacturing sites.  

Power Control offers a host of maintenance and service options for added peace of mind. All of its UPS hire systems come with a standard emergency response maintenance contract, which can be upgraded if necessary. Maintenance services are essential, in particular for longer term hires to ensure that the solution continues to perform and that all UPS components and UPS batteries are in good condition. A proactive maintenance contract can prevent any UPS faults and should always be included.  

For more information about Power Control’s UPS hire services and all-in-one containerised UPS solutions, please contact 01246431431 or to find out more about Power Control’s other emergency backup products and services, please visit