Borri SCB

Borri SCB

Designed for marine applications, the Borri SCB shore power converter is compact and robust and works in double conversion using state of the art IGBT technology with DSP controls. Manufactured with marine applications in mind, the SCB shore power converters are built to fit in the narrowest of spaces for super, mega and giga yachts and ships using highly reliable power at different voltages and frequencies.


Due to its extremely wide input voltage and frequency range, the power converter can be connected to most AC supply sources. With minimum input harmonics and optimised efficiency, the SCB is an ideal shore power converter for the marine industry.

Additional Features

    • Worldwide service support and assistance
    • Galvanic isolation for maximum safety
    • Full front access
    • Easy to handle and install
    • Wide selection of alarms, indicators and measurements


Borri SCB Brochure