UPS Leasing and Finance Options

UPS Leasing and Finance Options

Financing a UPS under a lease agreement could offer the most cost effective method of acquiring a UPS system and protecting a business from downtime. Power Control offers a variety of hassle free financing and leasing options across the entire UPS portfolio with flexible terms to suit the needs of all business size and function.


Ideal for businesses who may not have the initial capital outlay required for purchasing UPS equipment, UPS leasing and financing options means full power protection is achievable without tying up cash reserves that may be better spent across other business operations.

There are a number of benefits to be had by purchasing a UPS through a lease agreement, particularly for small and medium sized businesses. Those looking for a backup power solution that can be upgraded, extended and updated as the company evolves and grows can do so very simply with a lease agreement in place.

Additional benefits of leasing include:

  • Conserves working capital for other purposes
  • Preserves existing lines of credit
  • Simplifies budgeting through regular fixed payments
  • Can evolve in response to equipment needs, providing the flexibility to update, extend or upgrade
  • Provides controllable, convenient and tax-efficient funding
  • Helpt to insulate the business from problems of depreciation and rapidly obsolete technology
  • Get the equipment when you need it and avoid the risk of downtime