Power Control deploys hundreds of power protection strategies and UPS systems for hospitality facilities such as hotels, youth hostels, bed and breakfasts, restaurants, cafés, bars and travel agents.

The demand for UPS for hospitality settings has risen dramatically over the years. Hotels alone use 305kWh of energy per year, where 45% of that is used heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC).

Today's hospitality industry relies heavily on electrical devices from their IT infrastructure and telephony to security, CCTV and access control through to customer experience systems, kitchen management and EPOS. Other critical applications include emergency lighting, fire safety systems, evacuation lifts. All of these require resilient, backup power.

Any power disturbance could cost £thousands in lost revenue. Individual hospitality facilities have reported that a single major power failure can cost on an average of £60,000.

There are numerous considerations to be aware of when specifying UPS for hospitality facilities. For example, UPS systems which support life safety applications should meet BS EN50171 compliance standards.

Emergency lighting, fire detection, smoke extraction and carbon monoxide systems form a key part of electrical infrastructure within hospitality businesses. Centralised battery systems (CBS) ensure that these critical applications are backed up with minimum recommended runtimes (of up to three hours) and compliant with EN50171. Power Control has a range of central supply systems including the Legrand Trimod MCS, Borri Ingeinio ECS and Borri E8031.

Resilient UPS systems for hospitality organisations are vital for business continuity, ensuring positive customer experiences and for safeguarding data. Hospitality facilities are complex, relying on continuous power for guest rooms; in-room entertainment, electronic door locks, phone systems, food and beverage; point-of-sale, kitchen appliances, refrigeration, security; access control, alarms and event spaces; audio visual equipment.

The complexity of hospitality environments means there are several key design and installation factors to consider. It goes without saying that due to the vast electrical demand on hospitality facilities, load requirements will be diverse. It is important that thorough assessments are carried out to establish the correct power requirement. This will ensure that the most suitable UPS capacity is identified.

Hospitality facilities should also consider contingencies for future expansion and increased power demands from any electrical upgrades or additions. Critical electrical applications will require backup power redundancy to ensure a continuous power supply, even in the event of a UPS failure.

UPS for hospitality will need to integrate other systems such as building management systems for central monitoring and control of the facility infrastructure. Where energy management systems are in place, these should work alongside hospitality UPS systems to optimise power usage and enhance energy efficiency.

Like many other industries, the hospitality sector is also under pressure to meet ambitious environmental targets. This has meant there has been a significant uptake of efficient UPS systems for hospitality applications. Legrand UPS systems offer sophisticated energy saving features and high efficiencies.

Finally, selecting the correct location for hospitality UPS systems is essential to ensuring the smooth running of the UPS unit and its lifespan.

Power Control has years of experience in working with multifaceted hospitality facilities. Taking a full consultative approach, we consider the needs of the entire electrical infrastructure. To find out more, please call a member of our team 01246 431431.

Key Applications of UPS Systems in Hospitality

  1. Guest Experience:
  • Lighting and Climate Control: Maintain lighting and HVAC systems during power outages to ensure guest comfort.
  • Elevators and Escalators: Ensure safe and continuous operation to avoid inconveniencing guests and staff.

  1. Operational Continuity:
  • Front Desk Operations: Keep critical systems like reservation and check-in/check-out processes running smoothly.
  • Communication Systems: Maintain operation of phones, intercoms, and emergency communication systems.
  • Kitchen and Food Services: Ensure uninterrupted operation of refrigeration, cooking equipment, and point-of-sale systems to avoid spoilage and service disruption.

  1. Safety and Security:
  • Emergency Lighting: Provide illumination during power failures for safe evacuation and movement within the facility.
  • Security Systems: Keep surveillance cameras, access control, and alarm systems functional to ensure guest and staff safety.
  • Fire Safety Equipment: Ensure that fire alarms, smoke detectors, and sprinkler systems remain operational during outages.

  1. IT and Data Management:
  • Server and Data Centres: Protect critical IT infrastructure to avoid data loss and maintain operational systems.
  • Wi-Fi and Internet Connectivity: Ensure continuous internet access for guests and operational systems.

  1. Event and Conference Support:
  • Audio-Visual Equipment: Provide uninterrupted power for conferences, events, and meetings to avoid disruptions.
  • Presentation Tools: Maintain the operation of projectors, sound systems, and other presentation equipment.

  1. Maintenance and Housekeeping:
  • Electronic Devices: Ensure that maintenance and housekeeping equipment such as electronic vacuum cleaners and other tools remain functional.
  • Building Management Systems: Keep automated building systems operational to manage energy efficiency and monitor building conditions.

"We are over the moon with how this project has gone. We trusted Power Control implicitly to deliver exactly what they said they would and we have had no problems with the project whatsoever. The professionalism demonstrated by Power Control from initial project discussions through to the onsite works and training has been outstanding."

K Hayes - Lead Control's Engineer, M&S Retailer



Legrand Trimod MCS

3kVA - 80kVA

Modular - CPSS

Designed in accordance with EN 50171 standards, ideal for emergency and life safety systems

The Legrand Trimod MCS series is a modular centralised power system (CPS) designed in accordance with EN 50171 regulation making them the ideal solution for backing up buildings subject to fire safety standards and to power emergency lighting systems.

Borri Ingenio ECS

30kVA - 160kVA

Monolithic - CPSS

Designed in compliance with EN 50171 standards, ideal for emergency and life safety systems

Borri Ingenio ECS (Emergency Central System) is a central power system (CPS) that has been designed in compliance with the international EN 50171 regulation. The CPS features online double conversion and a slimline design thanks to the transformer free technology.

CertaUPS C650

6kVA - 10kVA

Standalone Tower

Online double conversion uninterruptible power supply with unity power factor

The C650 series is available in two power ratings 6kVA and 10kVA.

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