Borri Ingenio SFC

Borri Ingeniosfc Staticfrequencyconverter

The Borri Ingneio Static Frequency Converter is designed and manufactured to provide highly reliable power supply converting 50Hz supply to 60Hz equipment and to different voltages in the harshest conditions.


Using state of the art IGBT technology with DSP (Digital Signal Processors) control the Borri Ingenio SFC converts the input AC power through an IGBT inverter to produce a full sine-wave output at the new frequency and voltage.

Additional Features

    • Compact design, high power density
    • High reliability and availability
    • Remote monitoring and control through Ethernet, Modbus TCP/IP protocols
    • Flexible in-built features
    • Highly customisable
    • Optional operation with battery


Borri Ingenio SFC Brochure