Borri UMB AC07

Borri UMB AC07

The UMB AC07 from Borri is a modular UPS systems from Borri designed and manufactured for harsh industrial applications. Using state of the art technology, Borri has manufactured these uninterruptible power supplies to be flexible, efficient and reliable. Thanks to the modular architecture, the UMB AC07 UPS achieves a very high availability with a low MTTR (mean time to repair)


Scalable and with a very high operating efficiency, even at partial loads, the running costs are minimised without any compromised to power quality due to highly efficient online double conversion, serial online UPS (VFI-SS-111)

Additional Features

    • High efficiency in double conversion up to 96%
    • Increased power (kVA=kW)
    • High power density
    • Low Current Harmonics (THDi)


Borri UMB AC07 Brochure