Borri GMC.igbt

Borri GMC.Igbt

The GMC.igbt (insulated-gate bipolar transistor) from Borri allows for the efficient and powerful charging of an electric bus fleet at bus stops, bus stations, or anywhere where a bus will be stationary for a short or long period of time.


Thanks to the rapid charging capability of the Borri GMC.igbt, electric buses can benefit from short charging sessions to eliminate disruptions to the bus service and scheduled time tables. The system is housed in an IP54 enclosure for indoor and outdoor installation. Borri GMC IGBT is a highly efficient and cost effective solution to meet future electric vehicle (EV) implementation.


Additional Features

    • Low THDi <3%
    • Input PF >0.99
    • Event history


Borri GMC.igbt Brochure