Power Control picks up energy efficiency award

Power Control
04 Nov 2021

Power Control is ecstatic to have been awarded the winner of the Energy Efficiency Innovation of the Year category at the 2021 DCS Awards.

For a third year running, Power control has picked up a prestigious DCS Award showing the company’s commitment to providing the data centre industry with innovative, efficient and encompassing power protection solutions.

This award was presented based on a recent project completed for Bluechip Data Centre, whereby Power Control played an instrumental part in helping Bluechip achieve significant energy efficiency gains by presenting a high efficiency, transformerless UPS (uninterruptible power supply) solution to replace its 10-year-old transformer-based UPS systems which required a major service and battery replacement.

A word from Rob Mather, Director at Power Control: “In an industry where energy consumption is high, upgrading to more efficient equipment is critical for reducing a data centre’s overall PUE and reducing its environmental impact. After the cooling systems, data centre operators look to their UPS systems for efficiency savings and those who have older systems installed can often see major improvements by upgrading.

For Bluechip this contributed to a reduction in PUE to an industry leading 1.1 which is believed to be the lowest in the UK and contributes to their overall goals of running one of the most energy efficient data centres in the UK”