Project Management

Demonstrating experience, knowledge, skill and meticulous attention to detail our project management team is a vital component to the smooth delivery of our UPS solutions.

Our project management service starts at the beginning of our client journeys. From initial site surveys and proposals, we encourage our sales department to liaise with projects. This early intervention helps to define the scope of client needs and resource allocation, whilst identifying challenges and risks. This gives clarity from the offset, which prevents unplanned costs and project delays.

Cost control and budgeting can significantly impact a client’s experience. Power Control’s project management team are experts in scrutinising project expenses, addressing cost constraints and delivering UPS projects on budget, without compromising on quality or service.

We understand the immense time pressures that are placed on businesses to deliver UPS projects, which ultimately places great strain on electrical contractors. Power Control provides detailed schedules and timelines to help avoid disruption, ensure business continuity wherever possible and meet client deadlines.


Many of today’s UPS projects include multiple stakeholders and to achieve the smooth running of a UPS installation, it is imperative that all parties are kept informed of the project status. Communication is absolutely key to the successful delivery of any UPS project.

We are highly experienced in delivering turnkey project management solutions, technical advice, support and lifetime ownership maintenance.

Recognised for setting the benchmark for quality project delivery, we pride ourselves on our sophisticated approach to designing technical solutions for the environment in which they are required to operate. Looking at not just present day operational requirements but overall total cost of ownership and future demands.

As the preferred trade consultant for businesses nationwide, Power Control has aligned itself with some of the most coveted contractors, project engineers and specialist manufacturers.

Together we deliver packaged turnkey solutions for all elements of the critical power path which includes, but is not limited to, the supply, installation and commissioning of UPS systems, generators and electrical works. Our valuable partnerships provide an even wider portfolio of products and services for our clients looking beyond the electrical infrastructure.

Our Approach

With three decades of experience in the supply and delivery of emergency power solutions we have refined and perfected a tried and tested approach to managing all of our backup power projects

  • Step 1: Review

    The review stage is critical to scoping out the exact requirements of any project.

    Our team works closely with clients to undergo a comprehensive specification assessment to facilitate an in depth needs analysis, which is then shared with key stakeholders. The final analysis will give details of critical business and technical drivers that will ultimately define the end technology and facility design requirements.

  • Step 2: Advise

    A full technical site surveys are carried out by Power Control and its industry partners.

    In order to ensure that specifications have been scaled to address the present and future demands of a client, full technical site survey are carried out by Power Control and its industry partners to examine all physical and environmental factors surrounding the design solution required.

  • Step 3: Plan

    This phase is absolutely key to the smooth delivery of all projects.

    Tailored design plans, technical drawings and scheduling programmes are brought together, finalised and agreed by all parties before any works take place.

  • Step 4: Deploy

    Will facilitate and manage every step of the project.

    Working closely with all its clients Power Control will facilitate and manage every step of the project from initial technical development, testing and delivery through to commissioning and installation. This work is highly focused on but not limited to power protection infrastructure.

  • Step 5: Maintain

    This is arguably the most important element of any project.

    Power Control offers tailored maintenance support packages to meet the specific needs of any individual site. The company’s support services include 24/7 technical support and fault reporting and same day response.